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The story is about the crush I had for a painting ... My first artistic crush, my last, my everything "21st Century" as per its title by Celine Dupont. "It suits you well" she said when I initially met her.

This work of art is now part of my everyday professional life as it literal presides over the room where I welcome my clients, An entrepreneur I was and still am in spirit as a coach.

There's a form of energy about Celine's painting. Ordo ab chao. To build oneself, one needs to take the path of introspection and step back before he or she steps ... Ahead.

I love to work with clients on professional objectives that I consider as appetizing challenges. One needs to be prepared to the best of their potential. This for instance is what running long distances and the marathon is about. "If you want to run, run a mile" Zatopek said, and added, "if you want to experience a different a life, run a marathon".

That it is the experience most clients will come across whether in the professional evolution or change management.

My approach is also embedded in the game of golf where each stroke must respond to preparation, an objective and the ability to let go of it when hitting the ball.

I "feed on" the people I meet. Whether in Paris, Oxford or Miami the encounter with the other is what motivates me. My job is - as Iike to say - the most beautiful in the world. To enable clients reach their inner potential. To dare over and over again and help them make their change.

  • Date of birth
    December 17th 1970
  • Languages
    French, English, Spanish
  • Hobbies
    Running (12 marathons PB: 3 hours 4 min -2010) Golf & Yoga (two sports where letting go is key)
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This section is to illustrate some of the areas I specialize in and preferences so that you are able to know me better.

Career Coaching

The aim is to help clients look back and reflect on past experiences so that they better see, better understand and better project in their professional future I thus work with clients on:

- professional history, skills, achievements.
- outboarding
- outplacement
- integration (in a new role)
- promotion - role enlargement

Group Coaching

I work with groups with regards performance improvement and how they better interact and work together. This in situations of acquistions, group mergers, situations where communication between managers and their staff if at stake. I have coached groups ranging from 5 to 150 people.

Training and Ethics

- Active Learning Coaching HEC Paris.
- Career evolution by Isabelle Méténier
- Transactional Analysis 3 years between Paris  (Isabelle Métier) and Oxford (Rosemary Napper).
- NLP « Motivational Coach » - Miami, USA

My initial training (Law+MBA) and my initial professional life makes me a knowledgeable interlocutor of organizations and the individual in these organizations.

Finally, I am in supervision, in therapy and the member of an intervision group (group of peers). This is for me essential in a work based on human factors where I need to constantly reflect on what goes on for me and my professional practice.


Networking is an essential element of people’s professional successes. The majority (in France over 80%) of positions are taken by people through connections and recommandations. This is also how I work with clients giving them accesses to my own networks, including contacts in the Media Industry as well as contacts to other coaches and consultants I partner with.

Expat services

A lover of the English and the Spanish languages, which I used for business the first part of my professional career, I do coach in English. Most of the time this is when I need to help a professional or their spouse integrate in France where I know the codes and the culture. I also help French Professionals to develop their careers overseas.


As an emblem of the meaning of my initial career, the blood of entrepreneurship still runs in my veins. I think it is never too late for self accomplishments. And I believe there are cycles for one self to work on that. Permissions and challenges which are key elements of long distance runs which I love are also part of one’s career evolution.

Training (of others)

For over a year now, I have been giving lectures and coaching business school students Institut Supérieur de Gestion - ISG Paris (Moda Domani). I help students in various areas such as:
- sales techniques
- networking
- Job hunting
- entrepreneurship.

My key quotes

If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to change your life, run a marathon.

Emile Zatopek

They did not know it was impossible so they did it.

Mark Twain

Never ask your way to someone who knows it. You may not get lost.

Nahman de Bratslav

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.

Tim Gallwey


Career & Organizational Coach

Step Ahead Consulting

July 2012 – Present

Initially I created Step Ahead Consulting to address entertainment professionals who needed coaching. My energy as a coach was also based on the dynamics of the entrepreneur I was and still am in a sense. Ever since 2012 I have worked with the media sector in a broad sense and have grown my coaching to professionals and organization of other areas with curiosity and happiness.

Freelance Consultant/Coach

Oasys Paris - Outplacement

2014 – Present

Freelance Consultant/Coach

PRANA Conseil

2014 – Present

- Change management
- Open Space Technology

Freelance Coach

Osalys - Codevelopment groups


Career Coach - Training

The Media Faculty

2010 – 2012

My baby steps as a career coach - Training related to entertainment professionals

Associate & Founder of a Coaching Start-up

Human Inside

2008 – 2010

- Remote speed coaching
- Dedicated to executive managers

Sales Director - Co Founder


1999 – 2007

Software solutions provider - Digital TV - Interactive services 3 years after Net Partners (web agency)  , my partners (brother Jérôme and best friend Etienne Grange) and I launched a pioneer in the world of interactive services. I was in charge of deals with French and overseas clients including Canal+,  Canalsatellite, Numericable, Canal+ España, Canal Digital Scandinavia, Astro Measat Malaysia, etc…)


Career Coaching: transitions, job changes

Isabelle Métenier

Transactional Analysis (TA) - Introduction and Foundation

Isabelle Métenier

Organisational and Educational TA Training (Coaching the individual/Groups in the system - 240 hours)

TA Works (Oxford - UK) - Rosemary Napper TSTA (O&E)

NLP Motivational Coach



HEC Paris

Executive Education - Active Learning Coaching

2007 – 2007

ESCP Europe

Executive MBA, Management

2004 – 2005

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

Maîtrise droit privé, Law

1994 – 1995


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